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Track Premiere: The Remix of Vincent John’s “The Great Vibration.”

March 24, 2017


Vincent John has largely been working behind the scenes in recent years, writing, recording and performing with other acts, including the retro-soul act Lee Fields and The Expressions.

But he’s now putting out his own work, starting last fall with a four-track EP, called Never Go BackToday, we’re premiering the remix of one of those tracks, produced by another Philly native, Mike Onufrak.

We caught up with Vincent to learn a little more about him …

Who is Vincent John and where did you come from?

I grew up in the Philadelphia area and am currently a Fishtown resident. After having lived in NYC for the past 5 years, and spending a good while in LA, I’m back in the City of Brotherly Love and it feels great.

What influenced your sound?

I’m influenced by everything from Afrobeat to MBP (Musica Popular Brasileira), from soul to pop. Psychedelia and blues. It just keeps going. But the music for this project is rooted in 80s New Wave with a Soul undertone.


How did you wind up working with Lee Fields?

In 2010 I was recruited by Brooklyn soul label Truth & Soul as a songwriter. We were originally writing for Chaka Khan, who sought out the collective for our distinctive sound.

With T&S, I’ve penned songs for Lee Fields, Nicole Wray, James Morrison, Aaradhna and more. After some time working in the studio as a songwriter and session musician, I was asked to join The Expressions (Lee Fields’ touring band). I continue to work with The Expressions as well as launching this project in the fall 2016 with the Never Go Back EP.

There aren’t a lot of people making pop music similar to yours in Philly. Does that help or hinder you in your pursuits?

I always aspire to do what I feel is natural despite what’s going on around me. I agree, there isn’t a mass amount of artists crafting a similar sound in the city, which can be discouraging when you’re looking for people to play shows with.

But I also don’t think about it so much. I’m just doing what I feel.

What do you aspire to do? Where do you go from here?

I’m currently working on an LP. Right now, I’m just focusing on writing the songs, versus production. Most of the songs are being written here in Philadelphia with close friends.

Usually the production evolves simultaneously with the songwriting but right now, I’m focusing solely on the chords, lyrics and melodies to make sure I have something that is true and can stand on its own. I plan on releasing a 45 this summer and a full length at the end of the year or top of 2018.

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