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The Lamagier Light Spectacular.

November 14, 2011

Text by Gabrielle Chepurny. Image by G.W. Miller III.

The guys in Lamagier take a DIY approach to their music at every step of the way. They create their own music, videos, merchandise and concert fliers, and they have a bandmate designated to creating the elaborate light show during live performances. The light show is a real point of pride.

“We’re working towards a spectacle,” says guitarist Shane Monroe.

They’ve come a long way since forming during the summer of 2009. They began by jamming together at Monroe’s house, where he lived with guitarist Martin Fleming, his bandmate from their previous group, Names. Twin brothers John (bass, vocals) and Tony Corrado (drums), formerly of the band Corrado, began showing up to play just for fun. The foursome decided to make the arrangement official.

“The Philly scene is so good,” says John Corrado. “We want to compete with it.”

They took the name Lamagier (pronounced lama-geer), which is a bone-crushing bird. In 2010, the straight-up rockers dropped their debut album, With The Sound, a five-song EP produced by David Ivory, a two-time Grammy nominee for his work with Erykah Badu and The Roots.

The guys are now building material for their next album and focusing their energy on live performances. Their shows are choreographed with the spectacular light show produced by Brett Hopkins, who uses an array of colors and effects specifically for each song.

The guys know that it’s the experience, energy and the intensity of the live show that will keep fans coming back for more.

“We’re an ever-evolving band who are constantly topping themselves,” John Corrado says.

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