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Midnight, ShitFucker, Plague Dogs and Slutlust @ Millcreek Tavern.

June 20, 2014

SLUTLUST-PLAGUEDOGS-SHITFUCKER-MIDNIGHT_jump_paulimburgia-46Text and images by Paul Imburgia.

Last week, on Friday the 13th, West Philadelphia’s Millcreek Tavern found itself home to an unhallowed horde of crust punks, greebos and metalheads.

For any diehard speed metal fan, the lineup was no less than salivating, sporting acts like ShitFucker (above) and Midnight, courtesy of Philadelphia’s own DIY metal promoter, Falloutzine.

Though Philadelphia-born, Bathory-inspired Slutlust was under the stern watch of eager fans, they did not in the least buckle under the pressure of being the first opening band. In fact, they set the night off almost perfectly, dishing out relentless, dirty riffs and screeching vocals.

After in the haze of Slutlust’s adrenaline charged set, “crust & roll” punks Plague Dogs carried Philadelphia’s pride even further, inciting fans to start throwing beer and jumping off the stage.

Sweaty and soaked in beer (whether they had been drinking it or willingly poured it over their heads), fans were just getting started. Detroit’s filthiest blackened metal/punk outfit, ShitFucker, appropriately followed.

Covered in corpse paint, studs, spikes and really not much else, the Michigan metal rockers introduced local headbangers to one of the raunchiest and controversial sets ever to grace a Philadelphia stage. ShitFucker’s obvious offensive demeanor was complemented by their harsh, thrashy riffs and haunting vocals. But as if that weren’t enough, the bassist/lead vocalist made sure to seal the deal with the blatant exposure of his butt and genitalia. As he practically fondled himself, the crowd’s excitement rose exponentially, making for an even more genuine evening.

One would think it practically impossible to follow such a sexually explicit, heavy metal performance such as ShitFucker but Cleveland speed metal freaks Midnight completely redefined the limitations of a headlining act.

Armed with jagged instruments and adorned in their customary black hoods, the Ohio three-piece perfectly fused the intensity of speed metal with sleazy rock ‘n’ roll riffs. From the second Midnight started (at 11:45 PM), the crowd went off like a stick of dynamite, stage diving on top of stage diving, a restless mosh pit drenched in sweat and beer, broken bottles, etc.

Midnight’s delivery was unreal and the ruckus they incited was almost unbearable. Upon their saddening finish (at approximately 1:00 AM) those in attendance spilled out of the Millcreek Tavern, sweaty, sore and satisfied.

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