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Cynic @ The TLA with iNFiNiEN, The Reign of Kindo and Lesser Key.

August 11, 2014

CYNIC_jump_paulimburgia-17Text by Chad Sims. Images by Paul Imburgia.

It has been a few years since Cynic last performed in Philadelphia but last Thursday night, they rocked the TLA. All those in attendance were stoked to see the band that almost wasn’t (see my interview here) but this night they were and it was incredible.

None of the four bands that played this show are easily classifiable, so it is great to hear and see them sharing a stage and hopefully exposing the audience to some new bands.

First up on the night was Philly’s own iNFiNiEN. I had not seen them before but they are definitely doing their own thing and it is working for them. If you like eclectic music, catch their next show.

The Reign of Kindo was up next and they are sort of a mix of pop, spacey rock and jazz. The audience really seemed to dig this band as was evidenced by the mob that surrounded the merch table after their set. The band was all too happy to talk with fans and sign shirts and CDs.

Lesser Key was the last band to play before Cynic. Only after the show did I find out that the band’s bassist, Paul D’Amour, was Tool’s original bassist. Singer Andrew Zamudio seemed to be the highlight of the band with his strong vocal performance.

At last, Cynic was up. Their set was not perfect, owing to some technical difficulties in both sound and their video screens. But that hardly mattered to those in attendance. This band does not tour extensively (the current tour is only 10-shows-long) and many fans thought they would never have a chance to see them after their reunion in 2007.

The wait was worth it. Cynic delivered songs from all three of their albums and their two EPs.

As guitarist/singer Paul Masvidal predicted in my recent interview, it was a fun night of music indeed.

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  1. Roger permalink
    August 11, 2014 9:10 pm

    Any current Cynic review that doesn’t mention the live inclusion of founding member Sean Malone isn’t worth reading.

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