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Huey West and the White Cheddar Boys @ Kung Fu Necktie with The Outhouse and Illian Village.

August 11, 2014

Huey and Dave MendezText and images by Jumah Chaguan.

Huey West and the White Cheddar Boys played at Kung Fu Necktie Friday in what was a three-band lineup that included The Outhouse and Illian Village. As part of the opening act, Huey West, once accustomed to busking, took a moment to reflect on the band’s recent success.

“It kinda dawned on me,” said West. “We are playing at Kung Fu and on a Friday night!”

And it was a success. West and the White Cheddar Boys played to a large crowd. This time, Rob Seitz, frontman for The Outhouse, joined the White Cheddar Boys on stage to play harmonica solos.

With Seitz as guest wingman, it was a reunion of sorts for West and Seitz. They’ve known each other since high school. West gives credit to Seitz for introducing him to the world of banjo music.

After the White Cheddar Boys set, The Outhouse took the stage.

Seitz, armed with several harmonicas and intense vocals, sounded like the perfect cross between The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Bob Dylan.

“There is a drum pulsating in everyone/There is a noise so powerful, it destroys the powerful,” sang Seitz in “Thunder.”

With lyrics about everyday truths delivered in rock ‘n’ roll and punk sounds, The Outhouse’s latest full-length will please anyone with a penchant for the gritty.

The rock beat was held together by drummer Ryan Overly, who played so well that one has to suspect whether he’s really a robot or just born with drum sticks for arms. Evan Gentry, the bass player, was equally as good.

The band – which was rounded out by drummer Ryan Overly and bass player Evan Gentry – formed while they were all students at Millersville University about eight years ago.

This gig in Philly was their last before embarking on a six-city tour through the Midwest, with stops in Chicago and Tennessee. The band is scheduled to play Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar upon their return in September.


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