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No-Maddz and Bok Nero @ Reef.

July 1, 2015

NoMaddz03Text and images by Donte Kirby.

The No-Maddz, aided by opening act Bok Nero, brought Caribbean vibes and moved hips to South Street’s Reef last Friday night.

Up-and-comer Bok Nero preformed to a sparse crowd lining the walls of the Reef’s dance floor. Nero ditched the stage minutes into his performance in favor of taking advantage of the open space left by the crowd. Nero bounced from end to end of the floor rapping and singing the occasional hook.

The audience that came early gave Nero the benefit of the doubt and fans closest to the stage two-stepped or at the very least, shoulder-bobbed along. Those who danced got Nero’s full attention and were serenaded with lyrics like, “don’t take your love away,” from a track Nero didn’t give new fans the luxury of identifying.

Back on stage, the host, dressed in a floral shirt, sung a tune that beckoned the ever growing crowd to come closer to the stage. He hyped the crowd with a chant until a fever pitch was reached and the band finally graced the stage to much applause.

From the start, No-Maddz rock infused reggae had the crowd moving their feet. Reggae medleys that mixed funky guitar solos with Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” a bit of Sean Paul and “Sexual Healing” to round it off. There were no breaks between songs, just smooth transitions to songs like “Romance” off their album Sly & Robbie presents No-Maddz.

No-Maddz had something for fans and newcomers alike. Portions worked in Heavy D’s “Now That We Found Love” with their own original lyrics and up tempo reggae. It was hard to tell where original songs began and covers ended. The only certainty was that it was backed by a funky reggae tune that welcomed any kind of movement.

After a set that had No-Maddz members playing instruments and dancing in the crowd, with more than a little bit of pelvic thrusting and good vibes all around, the set ended like it began; with raucous applause.

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